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International Youth Work

Baltic Youth Office

The Baltic Youth Office is the advisory institution of the Regional Youth Council of Schleswig-Holstein for international youth work. Our goal is to promote international youth work and mobility in the Baltic region. We cooperate with different youth organizations, youth groups, government agencies and educational institutions throughout the Baltic region.

Every year The Baltic Youth Office organizes various exchanges in the Baltic region. We also advise young people to different ways to gain experience abroad and support youth groups and associations in implementing international projects.

The Baltic Youth Office is not operating commercially, allowing for counseling will not be charged. It is open to all people interested in international issues.

Our focus:

  • Information and advisory institution on international youth work
  • International youth exchanges and exchanges for youth workers
  • Advising member organizations in the initiation of international projects
  • Trainings and events on intercultural work
  • Information on youth work and youth relevant topics in the Baltic Sea region
  • EURODESK Advisory Agency - advice on possibilities of stays abroad