International Youth Exchanges

The Baltic Youth Office has organized international youth meetings in Schleswig-Holstein for more than 25 years. Our projects in the Baltic Sea region and Europe exist in cooperation with various youth associations, non-governmental organizations and governmental agencies. The Baltic Sea Youth Office invites young people to participate in educational local and regional youth programs.

Youth exchanges create a venue for young people from different countries and cultures to meet, learn cooperatively, and exchange ideas about youth-relevant topics.

Baltic Sea youth media camp

The Baltic Sea Youth Media Camp has been taking place for more than 10 years and invites young people from the Baltic Sea region to media-centered activities. This project is carried out in cooperation with the Open Channel Schleswig-Holstein.

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Our participants learn in three international groups about television, radio and multimedia. They make their own film and sound recordings, create a blog and a webpage, and cut and edit the productions themselves. They are supported by media professionals from the Open Channel Schleswig-Holstein. There are also excursions to different TV and radio stations. At the end of the camp, the participants present their work in a large live broadcast from the Open Channel studios.



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Baltic Youth Exchange

For young people in the Baltic Sea region the Baltic Youth Exchange offers an opportunity to discuss current youth-related issues, acquire new knowledge and discuss with experts. Thus, in recent years, the situation of refugees in Europe and the current situation of the European Union were part of the discussion.


If you are interested in a cooperation or if you want to learn more about our projects, don´t hesitate to contact us.